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Introducing Kevin Munn

My name is Kevin Munn (Deaf-Sighted) and I am the current president of the Deaf Blind League of New Jersey.


I worked for Telcordia Technologies for 35 years and I am presently retired. I was a Data Operations Administrator and Office Support Staff.


I have been married for 42 years to my lovely wife Agatha (Usher Syndrome Type 1). I have a wonderful daughter Lisa who is married to my son-in-law Louis Sementa for 8 years. Agatha and I hope to have grandchildren soon! 


I have spent my entire adult life in service of the Deaf-Blind community in numerous positions and organizations. I founded and was the first president of the Central New Jersey Club for the Deaf, the largest political, social and educational club of its kind in New Jersey.  I was Treasurer and Board Director of the Deaf-Blind League of New Jersey. Transporting deaf-blind clients to meetings, socials and conventions. I was a member of the Advisory Committee on Disabled of Somerset County Human Services Department. I was the first President of a new organization, NJ/NY PC Connection, whose mandate was promoting and encouraging the use of computers for communications with TDD’s and other computers. I was the Vice President of the Diverse Deaf Club of NJ for 2 years. I was elected President of Diverse Deaf Club of NJ in June, 2014. I worked for the New Jersey Association of the Deaf-Blind in group homes for 3 years as a second job. My job was to provide direct services in community and daily living to individuals who are deaf-blind and developmentally disabled. This included aiding, training and participating clients in areas including personal hygiene, meal preparation, house cleaning, laundry, yard maintenance, etc. In my primary job, I taught 64 Telcordia employees American Sign Language.


I have received numerous awards and commendations for my work within the Deaf-Blind community. These include an Outstanding Performance and Dedicated Service of the first President Award from the Central New Jersey Club for the Deaf, two Humanitarian Awards, an Outstanding Leadership award from Central Jersey Club of the Deaf, and an honorary degree alongside the “Unsung Heros Award” from Gallaudet University for my advocacy work with the deaf and the deaf-blind. I have received letters from President Bush and Governor Florio for “extraordinary contribution” to the community.


I love to help the deaf-blind community. I am proud of my achievements and it is my goal to grow the DBLNJ's membership to a new level. I look forward to putting on more events during the two years of my presidency. I want to work alongside the NJ Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and SSP Programs, strengthening our club and extending the reach of our efforts.


I am proud and thankful to be the President of the Deaf-Blind League of New Jersey. I hope my dedication and enthusiasm inspires those I work alongside and welcomes new members to our club.

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